The Stage 1.5 overland edition is a purpose-build overlanding vehicle. We worked closely with the elite team at Hallmark RV to create the perfect truck for your next outdoor adventure. Starting with a base Stage 1 truck, we add our custom floating rear airbag package, and upgrade the front suspension with the same components as our Stage 2 trucks. Each BA incorporates a complete re-body using our BA350 fenders, hood, grille, bedsides and tailgate cap. These all attach in the factory locations, and are very detailed - down to using the factory under hood insulation pad and LED trouble light. Our fiberglass panels are hand-laid in the USA, and our custom HDPE inner fender wells, front and rear, are built in-house. Every piece of factory hardware from push pins to panel screws are discarded for new fasteners. These are just some of the  details that allow our trucks to mimic a factory level of fit and finish. Use of the factory bedrails is maintained, without limiting the ability to use a shell, camper or bedsled. Depending on color and trim level, we either blend the paint for the cab or paint it complete. With a King Ranch, we typically repaint the door jambs a solid color. The bedsides are braced internally with 3/8” steel tubing, and all hardware is either stainless steel or Grade 8 with a yellow zinc plating. Every build also includes a serialized set of billet DEFCO fender badges and tailgate emblems. Rounding out the exterior, the front and rear bumpers are replaced with custom-designed, laser cut bumpers with grille inserts to increase air intake to the radiator and intercooler from LewisBuilt. A powdercoated finish is standard, and body-matched paint is available as well. The front is setup with two Quake LED spot beams, as well as provisioning for an optional Warn 16,500lb winch and a DEFCO/Factor55 fairlead, while the rear houses two Quake LED flood lamps.Use of all factory sensors is retained.


DEFCO Wheels by Weld

Each BA350 includes a set of custom designed, DEFCO-branded 20”x14” WELD XT wheels with Continental MPT81 43” tires. These are all mounted and balanced in-house with state of the art Hunter equipment. We also take it a step further and true the tires to within .020” of each other, which typically limits the amount of weight needed to balance the wheel and tire package to less than 6oz. We re-calibrate the TPMS system to recognize the correct pressures, and install a Hypertech speedometer module to correct the speedo input, which also brings the transmission shift schedules back in line. Inside the cab, Dynamat sound deadening is installed for a truly luxurious ride.


Big trucks and spacious campers need serious suspension. No DEFCO-built custom truck would be complete without a state-of-the-art upgrade. Our Stage 1.5 packages get the complete King Shocks treatment, starting with a King 3" triple bypass / remote reservoir shock, paired with a King 3" remote reservoir coilover in front. Both are hung from a custom shock hoop that is welded to the frame for a lifetime of durable service. DEFCO / Lewisbuilt radius arms, track bar, pitman arm, and dual King 2.5" steering stabilizers keep the front end under control. The rear is equipped with King 2.5” external reservoir shocks with adjustable damping, as well as our custom floating airbag system to help keep the truck level regardless of load. Braided steel brake lines help bring things to a stop quickly, making these truly a joy to drive – unlike many “big” trucks. All trucks are sent out with a build sheet and an alignment spec sheet.

Our trucks are backed by a 3 year / 36,000 mile limited warranty. Lead time and completion dates vary depending on builds and custom choices. We keep the client informed and involved in the builds, as we strongly believe that a happy, informed client is our best brand ambassador.

Please note that our trucks are only available as complete builds - we do not sell our proprietary components separately.

Contact us today for a complete truck + camper package quote - (720) 919-0562.